"On Appreciation" by Charles Goforth

We had a great time at our CompassNeedle appreciation dinner last week. We were able to sit down and take pause and be grateful for one another.

To paraphrase our Director, Charles Goforth' short speech during dessert:

First, can we thank Alexandria Hodgkins for planning the perfect event! Wow. Ok. I'll be brief. Every one of you brings such ability in film and theater that when I look around the table, I feel wonder at what could be possible! At the start of all this, I asked you to sign on so that I could produce successful projects. I assembled this group as a means to that end. But now my perspective has flipped. I'm a bit slow maybe, but I see now that our group is not a means, but an end in itself, and a radiant demonstration of the ideas CompassNeedle is exploring. Your talent as artists and collaborators has encouraged me to work on your behalf, and to ask for your help, too. And even so, I'm still not sure I'm keeping up with all you guys have done to serve this effort. Of course we want our specific projects to be incredible. We want our productions to be triumphant. Our writers Damon Chua and Damon DiMarco have done excellent work, and supported by your dedicated time and energy, these two projects are increasingly exciting and superior. I know they'll be successful. That's the goal. Every day we are working for that. But as importantly, I see you guys working to serve one another, becoming interested in each other's work. And that's so the point! Because I believe the quality of our projects will be the quality of how we support one another, how thoughtfully we make demands on one another, how we keep each other honest while keeping each other in mind. That's about it. One more thing. So far, and this is the truth, what I'm proudest of is how I managed to assemble this extraordinary group of people. So thank you guys, thank you for all your work and your beautiful spirit.

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