"'How Do We Make A Home For Ourselves?' - Reflections on his New Play, 'A Small Cou

When I first started writing “A Small Country,” my idea was to examine how a couple, living in a liberal suburban community, deals with the aftermath of a hate crime.

But the play has turned out to be much more than that. Mainly, this has to do with the question of “home” – how do we make a home for ourselves? And more importantly – how do we live with others in a community we call home when members of the community are diverse and have different (and sometimes conflicting) needs and wants?

These are tough, almost impossible, questions to answer. There is, perhaps, an easy answer – we have to show compassion to all, and understand that everyone comes from a different place (literally or otherwise). But this response plasters over fault lines and masks any changing morality. So, what do we do?

In the play, which I’m in the process of writing, I examine the hate crime and its aftermath from several points of view. But what interest me most are the characters’ responses to the hate crime – from denial on one end to righteous fury on the other.

How does a community come together (if at all) when something bad happens? How should it? I doubt if I will (or can) supply all the answers. But I will be raising questions, and hopefully, people will be asking the same questions of their own communities. That’s my goal.

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