Pauline Pisano

Singer Songwriter 


Pauline Pisano is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts CAP21, she is also a LaGuardia High School alum where she received the "Rising Stars Award" from the League of American Theaters And Producers alongside peer and acclaimed author, Joel Daniels. Pauline has been composing and performing her music for over two decades. She has taken stage at Joe's Pub, The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Ars Nova, and Rockwood Music Hall to name a few houses. In the last 4 years Pauline has been involved with multiple projects as a front-woman, keyboardist, and writing collaborator. She is a founding member of Decima, The Crushes, and I, Revere, and also worked as an auxiliary player for Walking For Pennies, The New Hotness, The Black Atlas, and BETS. She is also the house keyboardist in a bi-annual Tori Amos tribute concert in Brooklyn and an occasional singer for musical theater composer, Will Van Dyke. The impact of Pauline's latest collaborations in varied musical genres including post-rock, blue grass, musical theater, and funk, can be found within the song structures and sonic expressions on her new album, Inside The Wheel.


Pauline is also a mental health advocate and has aligned herself with some organizations and campaigns working to de-stigmatize and offer community support to those living with a mental health diagnosis. Her latest project includes the discussion of debt and debt-induced depression as a public health issue.