"I paint celebrations of life, capturing what I enjoy on paper or canvas so that it can be shared and live on. The technique I continuously develop brings life back to the field of painting through intense personal investment and direct stimulation of the imagination of the viewer."


Paul Zepeda was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has painted his way across the country and beyond, relentlessly pursuing his love of color and form. Through more than 200 solo and group shows and live painting events, he has shared his work with the world, and his unique approach has been featured in Forbes, BBC World News, CNN, The New York Times and his work has been sold to benefit numerous local and global charities in galleries and major museums. Currently based in New York City, his perspective is global and Paul continues to learn about the infinite beauty of the world on a daily basis in order to feed his creative process. In 2015 he founded Wet Paint NYC to focus attention on a highly curated group of Contemporary Artists.




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