Sarah Wharton



Grace is about a young girl with the power to heal, and what it costs her to use her ability.


CompassNeedle has been an integral part of the creative process and development of this film, always providing thoughtful feedback and the support I needed to grow this story and its characters. CompassNeedle will be producing the film.

Watching Greta Thunberg's speeches during the week of the Climate Action Summit, I have been thinking about a particular piece of feedback I received on the script. Someone said "it feels like there's only so much life left in this place". It was one of those gut-punch comments that made me understand more deeply what I was writing about and why. This story taps into my deep anxiety that there is only so much life left here on Earth, and that children - like Grace and Greta - may have to sacrifice their lives in the pursuit of any hope for survival.

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GRACE meeting with Pigasus
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GRACE location scouting in Indiana 2
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