A Play By

Damon Chua

About the play...

Synopsis :

The story revolves around 2 couples - an older couple, Colin and Gracie, and a younger couple, Serene and Alexandria, who are the victims of the hate crime.  As neighbors to Serene and Alexandria, Colin and Gracie are a study in contrast in dealing with the fallout of the hate crime, causing rifts in the neighborhood as well as exposing fault lines in their own relationship.

Question For The Author :

Q: How does your piece connect back to the theme of the meeting of serving others and serving ourselves?

A: In a community where people own their own homes, it becomes critical for everyone to work together to ensure home values are preserved.  But more than that, it is about the creation of a warm and inclusive community where everyone, and I mean everyone, can call home.  It is not easy but in serving your neighbors, you are serving yourself. 

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